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Here's what *you* can expect this Scorpio szn (hint: drama)


As the sun enters Scorpio on Oct. 22 and kicks off the ensuing Scorpio season, it’s tempting to look at this time with a certain amount of trepidation. After all, this sign often is characterized as sneaky, grudgeholding and dramatic—and, like the scorpions they’re repped by, absolutely the last people that anyone wants to cross. But Scorpios are so much more than a negative stereotype. What some see as brooding also can signify deep introspection and exploration. Many Scorpios come off as harsh simply because they refuse to let injustices go for the sake of being easygoing. Like Mercury retrograde (which starts Oct. 13), Scorpio season is about letting things fall apart so they can come back together, stronger than ever. And sometimes you just need a little drama to do it.

Read on to find out how your sign handles messy conflicts, what your stars say for fall and, while we’re at it, your *perfect* Halloween vibe.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: You can get territorial and jealous if you feel like you’re not being appreciated for your hard work or being eclipsed in any way. But Aries is the sign that gets things done—and your determination is a *powerful* quality worth admiring.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: With Scorpio season and Mercury retrograde in Scorpio, things can feel exhausting for a while. But when your ruling planet, Mars, moves into Aries on Nov. 13, you’ll suddenly feel stronger than ever.

COSMIC COSTUME: You’re a superstar, so channel your favorite celeb of the moment.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: You sometimes can seem like an introvert who keeps their head down. But you also can be stubborn and unrelenting when you think you’re right.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: This rocky Scorp season might be a little less tumultuous for you overall (phew!). Halloween might get emotional, though, as the full moon (which is all about endings) occurs in your sign. Hang in there!

COSMIC COSTUME: You’re the sign of earthy beauty, so any costume involving intricate, gorgeous makeup is your jam. Think fairies, mermaids and unicorns.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Gems often are seen as having two sides—one real and one superficial. But as long as you aren’t actively dishonest to people, presenting a facade to get along with a wide range of friends isn’t so bad.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: With your ruling planet, Mercury, in moody Scorpio, life can feel like a drag. But, by the end of October, Venus and Mercury enter fellow air sign Libra, upping your vibe once again.

COSMIC COSTUME: Tag team a costume, twinsie! Grab your bestie and be the Dancing Girl emojis, Charli and Dixie or any other iconic duo you love.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Crabs can get, well, crabby. And snippy. And quickly retreat into their shells when agitated. Try showing your softer side and speak openly from the heart: The right people will always appreciate you for it.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: This messy time feels less scary because Crabs are in their feels, like, all the time. Just be patient with friends and family who are more resistant to hashing out their problems.

COSMIC COSTUME: You like to keep it simple: Be a cat, a witch, a vampire, a ghost— whatever helps you celebrate without stressing

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Leos *love* to soak up the spotlight. It’s not inherently a bad thing—but it can create some clashes when others feel that their problems and accomplishments are being overshadowed. Sigh.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: No planets in your sign (rude!). All these Scorpio vibes make you feel depleted and high-key annoyed. But when Mars, the planet of action, enters Aries by mid-November, you feel a burst of energy.

COSMIC COSTUME: You always have the funniest, most creative costume (that’s why we’re helping you keep it secret!).

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Virgos’ hard-working, overly accommodating energy also can be, well, kind of intense. When you don’t trust people to solve their own problems, they can feel like you’re talking down to them. Step back, sit with your discomfort and let others deal with things sometimes.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: At the start of October, Venus softens the blow of Mercury retrograde. You’re feeling yourself in how you look, dress and talk to people.

COSMIC COSTUME: Channel someone you admire (like RBG or Michelle Obama).

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Libras are famous for being diplomatic. So where’s the drama, you ask? Well, being overly neutral can be a problem, too. Sometimes you need to stick up for what’s right, even if it’s uncomfortable.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: By the end of October, the new moon (which represents new beginnings), Venus and Mercury are all in your sign, making you socially thrive during this otherwise introverted time.

COSMIC COSTUME: You love a good period piece: Embrace your inner Elizabeth Bennet Jo March or Eliza Hamilton.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Sharp-tongued when angry? Brooding when wronged? Sure. But your desire to get to the bottom of things also can be a drama-curber because you leave nothing unsaid.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: You might feel like you’re everyone’s main focus while you usually prefer to analyze things from the sidelines. Get ready to have some long-overdue conversations—they’ll be hard, but worth having.

COSMIC COSTUME: You’re drawn to misunderstood characters and villains. Dress up as Olivia Pope, Regina George or Harley Quinn.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Sags’ lack of tact has hurt some feelings. It’s not that you’re heartless, but your tendency to blurt catches people off guard. Make sure you know how to apologize and be there for your closest friends.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: Talking out feelings at length rn is way too serious and snoozy for you. But be patient. Don’t dismiss your friends who need to vent, then you can fully enjoy Sag season when the sun swoops into your sign on Nov. 22.

COSMIC COSTUME: You’re bold, Sag. Dress up as Cat Woman or Black Widow.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Capricorns are studious and serious…and a tad superior. As long as you own your strengths—without treating anyone like they’re beneath you—you’ll be free of tiffs or lingering tensions.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: Scorpio season/retrograde troubles feel like they’re just a hiccup in all the major positive, transformative changes happening in your life. Prepare to feel much more in control of your future.

COSMIC COSTUME: Think timeless elegance and classic fashion: Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: On the surface, Aquarius seems the least dramatic. But a holier-than-thou attitude can really rub people the wrong way, especially if you believe being right is more important than being kind.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: Your communication and relationship skills aren’t hindered by the current retrograde. Use this to your advantage and try to resolve any lingering issues you have with someone close to you.

COSMIC COSTUME: You’re not afraid to get weird. Dress as your fave TikTok meme and see who *gets* it.

YOUR DRAMA DEETS: Pisces don’t cause drama…but they do love stoking up situations that might make a good story later. But here’s the thing, Fish: You don’t need to turn up the volume on everything—all you need is you.

AUTUMNAL ASTRO: Like you, Scorpio is a water sign. All this season’s action brings out your raw, emotional side even more. Be patient, Pisces (and, when in doubt, channel your frustrations into an artistic endeavor).

COSMIC COSTUME: DIY a costume that’s inspired by a fellow free spirit (Eleven from Stranger Things, perhaps?).

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by Julia Pugachevsky; edited for digital by Samantha Dorisca | 10/26/2020