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We picked your next song obsession based on your personality type

There's nothing like listening to a song and feeling like the artist just described the story of your life. It's similar to when you're taking a personality quiz and your result is so eerily accurate that you wonder if it was written with you in mind.

The Enneagram test is a personality quiz, based in psychology, that pairs you with one of nine types to help you understand yourself better.

Obsessed with the Enneagram already—or not sure of your type? Don't worry: Keep scrolling to discover which type is *so* you—plus the song you srsly need to play on repeat rn.

Type 1: The Reformer - "Anti-Romantic" (TXT)

Has anyone ever compared you to Hermione Granger? If you see yourself in the intelligent and self-controlled perfectionist, you might be a Type One! Ones have a strong moral compass, and they just want to make the world a better place (and we love them for it!). The romantic-sounding "Anti-Romantic" relatably captures the tendency of Ones to set high standards for themselves, their refusal to take the easy way out and their fear of making a mistake. Because of their careful character, we know that one day they'll find the perfect person to share a "sweet love song" with.

Type 2: The Helper - "enough for you" (Olivia Rodrigo)

Twos are the *ideal* bestie. Probably the sunshine or caring mom of the group, their natural talent of pinpointing the positive qualities in everyone seriously causes others to want to be by their side. As much as Twos enjoy showering sweet compliments, lending a shoulder to cry on and doing what they can to comfort those around them, they desire for others to accept them as well, and Olivia is totally there to show that she understands through this song. And for all the Twos out there, you are MORE than enough.

Type 3: The Achiever - "California" (88rising, Rich Brian, & NIKI)

Threes have more drive than the flashy scarlet ride in the "California" music video, and their ambitious yet hardworking energy makes them the top first choice in any group assignment or game. Threes are smart about choosing projects that will show others their absolute best, and they make sure to see those plans through to accomplishment. If you're a Three, this is the perf song to victory dance to when you score that A or the winning goal in your fave sport—good preparation for the day that your picture appears in the dictionary under "success."

Type 4: The Individualist - "Never Not" (Lauv)

Sensitive and quietly resilient, Fours have the special gift of finding beauty in sadness, making the tender yet wistfully somber "Never Not" a great pick. Fours can appreciate the melancholic ambience of a sunset or a movie's unhappy ending, and their authenticity is truly refreshing. Fours might not always fully express their deep feelings, but those around them admire their self-awareness, creativity and how they march to the beat of their own drum. 

Type 5: The Investigator - "Big Plans" (Why Don't We)

Fives are practically the walking representation of Google, and if they don't have the answer, their friends can trust them to do all they can to find it. If there's anyone who can turn an abstract idea on a blueprint to a tangible product in reality like the Why Don't We boys in "Big Plans," its a Five. They might say a book or magnifying glass when asked what object describes them, but they are so much more than the go-to friend for homework help. Though on the reserved side, their close observation skills, innovative nature and innocent wonder of the world around them make them amazing friends to turn to for advice. 

Type 6: The Loyalist - "Girlfriends" (Boys World)

Being loyal goes deeper than having the same fave singer for years. Sixes are willing to give others a chance, but like the Boys World girls in "Girlfriends," they know the girl code by heart and who their Day Ones are. If you're a Six, your beliefs come first, and one of them is that your friends deserve to be treated like the queens they are. Because of this, you're probably the first one ready with a first aid kit or words of assurance, and your friends know you'd catch them from any trust fall. Sixes might be prone to nerves if things feel out of their control, but we know that their friends are just as ready to steady them from any tumble.

Type 7: The Enthusiast - "It's OK" (Nightbirde)

Spontaneous road trip, anyone? Sevens might come up with the craziest plans at the most random, unexpected times, but more often than not, they return home from each thrilling adventure with memories they'll fondly look back on for the rest of their lives. Sevens might be able to relate to Nightbirde's risk of moving to California and changing her name, and they may also connect with her unwavering optimism when things get tough. Their playfulness and positivity can light up any room!

Type 8: The Challenger - "Headspace" (Riley Clemmons)

Strong-willed and confident, Eights have the incredible leadership talents. They willingly choose challenge to bring their abilities to the next level and improve their surrounding environment. Eights are firm captains of their journey and rejectors of negative forces who try to control their headspace. Others might be intimidated by their grit and determination, but they are some of the most protective people when it comes to caring for their friends and family.

Type 9: The Peacemaker - "I Choose You" (Kiana Ledé)

Accepting, adaptable, and amazing at seeing the good in others, Nines are the sweet Lara Jeans of the world. Because Nines can be indecisive, you might think a song called "I Choose You" sounds counterintuitive. But just as Lara Jean declares, "I choose you, Peter Kavinsky," in Always and Forever, Nines lovingly embrace people who bring them peace and help them become better versions of themselves. Nines are the best friends to turn to when you need someone who will trust and understand your side of the story.

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Slider image: @oliviarodrigo



by Elizabeth Huang | 7/20/2021