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6 GIFs that perfectly capture how you pack for vacay



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The only thing harder than deciding where to vacation is packing for your trip. Whether you’re taking a week-long holiday in Paris or a two-day drive to your grandma’s house, packing right is important. You don’t want to be stuck with the wrong clothes for the weather, or leave anything important at home. From overstuffing your suitcase to realizing you forgot your phone, these relatable GIFs perfectly capture how you pack for vacay.

Searching your entire closet for one shirt


You can’t imagine going on a trip without your favorite shirt. But just when you need it, it’s nowhere to be found. Cue clearing out your entire closet, hamper, and/or sibling’s room to find it in the last place you think of.

Realizing you don’t have anything to wear


You thought you’d been updating your wardrobe. Turns out, half your clothes are out of style and the other half haven’t fit since quarantine started. While it’s always nice to have an excuse for a shopping spree, time and budget limits make getting your new wardrobe on time a challenge.

Watching folding tutorials on YouTube


Marie Kondo makes it look so easy. Unfortunately, mastering a clean fold is a lot harder than it looks. Whether you go for the rolling method to maximize space or opt to make basic rectangles, you def have a new appreciation for the art of folding by the time you’re done.

Preparing for super-unlikely weather


Sure, you’re going to a tropical island paradise—but what if it rains? No matter how improbable, you make sure to pack at least one article of clothing that doesn’t suit the climate. While it’s good to be prepared, this can lead to the next entry on the list...

Struggling to close your suitcase


Even when it looks like everything will fit in your luggage, the zipper doesn’t want to budge. The tried-and-true method of sitting on the suitcase only works some of the time. But you’d rather struggle to shut the suitcase for an hour than have to take out half its contents.

Always forgetting something important


Which you only realize when you’re halfway to your destination, ofc. You could start packing a week in advance, and you’re still bound to forget a phone charger, your new sunnies, or your fave foundation at home. On the bright side, you prob won’t remember what you’re missing when you arrive at your destination.

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by Bailey Bujnosek | 7/22/2021