Dear Carol

Dear Carol: "Should I ask out that cute nerd in my class?"


Dear Carol,
There’s this guy I really like. He knows it and kind of likes me back. Every girl in our grade says he’s a nerd because he wears glasses and is smart. I’m smart, too, but nobody minds. I want to ask him out, but I’m afraid I’ll get laughed at.
—I Like A Nerd

Dear I Like A Nerd,
The guy you like likes you back. Hooray! And smart is good. Should you ask him out? Maybe, but it’s possible that you are hesitant because you know that it’s risky to go public with private feelings. Why rush your crush? Just keep deepening your friendship and enjoying the sparks. Will other kids laugh? Only if they’re hopelessly immature. And if so, that’s their problem, not yours. One more thing: Instead of asking him out in an official, let’s-go-on-a-date way, you can casually let him know that a bunch of kids are going to grab pizza after school and he’s welcome to join in. It’s safer and subtler.

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by GL | 1/20/2020