Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I'm 17 and have never been kissed"

Dear Carol,
I'm a senior in high school and I feel like I'm behind all of the other girls when it comes to boys: I'm 17 and have never been kissed. All my friends have. I have had a few boyfriends, but they never wanted to kiss me or even hold my hand. I feel like I repulse guys.
—Not Normal

Dear Not Normal,
Believe me, there are other girls who haven't kissed a boy and many who had their frist kiss just last year, and some who started way too early and have come to regret it. Instead of looking behind, look ahead. Don't waste your time going after the same guy everyone else likes. Instead, find a diamond in the rough: the quiet guy in English, the techie who does stage lights, the violinist in your orchestra. Give a shy guy a chance and he just might do the same for you. I predict you'll get your firt kiss this summer—and that the wait will be worth it. After all, the kiss isn't as important as the person you share it with.

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by Dear Carol | 11/3/2019