Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, why is my mom so worried about me having a sleepover with my BGF?"

Dear Carol,
Me and my best guy friend have been the best of buds since kindergarten. We're in seventh grade now and hang out on weekends. We're as close as siblings. We really want to have a sleepover, and his mom says yes, but my mom says no way. What exactly is she so worried about if she knows how close we are? 
-Sleepover or What? 

Dear Sleepover or What?,
You've heard of hormones, right? Some girls and guys are best friends and this works out well their whole lives. But sometimes one friend crushes on the other, and things get awkward or move too quickly. Your mom is probably worried that this boy could start thinking of you as more than a friend, so she doesn't want to encourage a slumber party. Keep making daytime plans and don't be mad at your mom for standing her ground. It's her job to look after you.

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by Dear Carol | 9/15/2019