Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, what do I do if my friend develops a crush on my BF?"

Dear Carol,
The boy I like asked me out, and I said yes. It's going really well right now, except my friend likes him, too. She didn't tell me that she liked him until I started going out with him! What should I do? I really like this boy, but my friend and I have been close since third grade.
—Friend Likes Boyfriend

Dear Friend Likes Boyfriend,

You don't have to do anything you aren't already doing. Enjoy going out with him but be sensitive enough not to brag. In other words, don't say something like, "We had best time at the movies yesterday—he is so romantic!" Instead think whether your boyfriend has a guy that your friend will like. If so, say, "Jake thinks you and Mark might hit it off," or "Have you ever thought about Owen? He's super nice."

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by Dear Carol | 5/24/2017