Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my friend is sending inappropriate Snapchats"

Dear Carol,
My friend sent a Snapchat of her boobs to this boy she likes. I told her that it was a bad move and now she’s mad at me. She also said, “Everyone’s doing it.”

Dear Snapchat,
Your friend is lucky you are giving her good advice. It is indeed a bad move to send a boy (or anyone) a revealing photo, and if he takes a screen shot of the Snapchat, then it does not disappear moments later. Sexting may feel exciting for a second, but it can come back to haunt the sender. Crushes are often fleeting, whereas digital images last and last. As for “everyone’s doing it,” errr. There are over 7 billion people on this crowded planet, and just because many of them, at any given time, are making ridiculously lame decisions doesn’t mean smart GL girls should join in.

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by GL | 5/12/2020