Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I like two boys and they're friends—what do I do?"

Dear Carol,
I like two boys and they’re friends. I know they both like me, but I really don’t want to ruin their friendship. Help—they are both cute!
—Double Crush

Dear Double Crush,
How nice that two cute boys like you. This might be the best problem in this issue’s Dear Carol column. Rather than focusing on how they like you, keep thinking about

which boy’s company you enjoy more and which boy you admire more. Time will help you figure this out, so no need to make a fast decision or throw a monkey wrench in their friendship. Just keep being the kind person you are, and when it becomes clear you like one more than the other, it’s OK to give him extra smiles. But who knows? Maybe you’ll stay friends with both these boys and someone else will enter the picture and be your boyfriend.

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by Dear Carol | 6/19/2019