Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, should I go on a road trip with my older friends?"

Dear Carol,
I’m 16 and two of my friends are 18. We want to go on a road trip to stay at my grandparents’ house (they won’t be there) for the weekend. It is the next state over and about a six-hour car ride. Do you think it is a bad idea?
-Weekend Getaway

Dear Weekend Getaway,
You wouldn’t be writing if you felt this was a great idea. Deep down, something inside you is telling you to put on the brakes. Not only is 12 hours a lot of driving, but being at your grandparents’ place with no adults could be a disaster in the making. If you want to call off this plan yet still save face, say, “I’m sorry, but my parents say I can’t go after all.” Most parents don’t mind taking the blame if it helps keep you safe. You also could say, “It turns out that my grandparents aren’t going away, so we can’t stay there.” When your gut wants to tell you something, it’s smart to listen. And better to tell a white lie than spend a weekend with older kids who might want to take advantage of your having the keys to an empty house.

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by Dear Carol | 7/22/2019