Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, how do I show people that I'm not a Goody Two Shoes?"

Dear Carol, 

I need help. I have gotten straight As from kindergarten through last year (sixth grade). That's not really my problem, but it's the source of it. A lot of people, most of them I thought were friends, call me a "goody two shoes" or "teacher's pet" because of my grades and because I'm very respectful. I don't know how to tell others that I'm not a "suck up" or a "nerd." I need to sort this out before school starts." 

- No Goody Two Shoes 

Dear No Goody Two Shoes, 

I get it. You want people to know that you're more than your report card. But don't tell them—show them. Get more comfortable with your full self and try not to judge others by their grades either—many of your peers have talents you haven't noticed. Rather than worrying about how not to come off as a nerd (your word), stretch yourself so people can see you're not only intelligent and responsible; you're kind, outgoing, fun, a good listener, knowledgeable about music or art or movies, etc. Think about others, and not just how they perceive you. I was a good student, too, and my best friend sometimes teased me, but I learned to roll with it. Also, if someone says, "That test was impossible!" you know that it's bad form to say, "I thought it was easy," right? Think of things to talk about besides academics. 

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by GL | 9/16/2020