Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, my crush lives in another state!"

Dear Carol, 

I really like this guy and he likes me, too. But the thing is, he lives in a different state. We talk every day and FaceTime and even played Xbox together. I don’t know whether I should say that he and I can or can’t be together because of the distance. What do you think?

-I Like This Guy 

Dear I Like This Guy, 

For now, you could just…enjoy it, whatever it is. While it’s tricky when you fall for a faraway guy, many relationships are distanced these days—even if the person lives close by. This romance may run out of steam, but no need to call it quits too soon. That said, try to hold onto your heart so that he’s a fun part of your day but isn’t all you think about.

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by GL | 4/20/2021