Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, why are my friends obsessed with appearances?"

Dear Carol, 

Many of my friends weigh themselves obsessively and freak out when they go up or down a pound. I feel weird writing this, but I don't think about my weight 24/7...and I don't want to. I think I look fine and I eat pretty healthfully. Some of my friends also wear a ton of makeup, and I sometimes wonder if I'm the only 14-year-old who doesn't care about makeup.

- Am I The Only One?

Dear Am I The Only One?,

Good for you for looking in the mirror and giving yourself a thumbs up. That's way more unusual than it should be. Too many girls get overly fixated on weight and preoccupied by appearance when it's better to get in the habit of looking out at the world instead of just down at one's own body. Being a low-maintenance gal? Not a thing wrong with that. Of course it's fine to enjoy makeup, but liking yourself as you are? That's great and even enviable. 

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by GL | 4/15/2022