Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, now that school has started back up, I never know how to plan my weekend"

Dear Carol,

Now that school has started back up, I never know how to plan my weekend. Like, do I get my homework out of the way or just hang out all day Saturday? And what about what my mom calls "family time?"

- Disorganized

Dear Disorganized,

There's no right or wrong. Many girls like to finish their work so it doesn't hang over them. Others like to devote Saturday to R&R. The goal is balance. You want to work and play—and catch up on sleep and enjoy family time. Ask your parents what the weekend holds. What's tough is if you haven't finished your homework and suddenly there's a fun all-day plan. So aim to get ahead and keep track of the family calendar, too. A to-do list helps!

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by GL | 10/30/2022