Dear Carol

"Dear Carol, I just embarrassed myselfโ€”in front of my teacher!"

Dear Carol,

Eighth grade just started, and so far, so good, but an embarrassing thing happened. It's not life or death, but I'm kinda freaking out. Since the weather has been so hot, I was wearing a skirt that hit above the knee. As I was walking out, I stopped to say hi to my teacher who was sitting on a bench. As I started walking home, this burst of wind came and my skirt went flying before I could get control of it. I didn't turn around to see if my teacher saw, but I could see in a side window reflection his mouth was wide open, like in surprise/shock. The worst part is I was wearing a thong, so that made it a thousand times more mortifying. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to look him in the eye after this.

- Embarrassed

Dear Embarrassed,

Here's what you're both going to do: Pretend it never happened. Sure, fine, he had a brief human reaction, but let's not turn that into anything bigger. And don't be mortified. People see more at the beach, right? In short, let it go. Your eighth grade is off to a fine start. Hooray! Keep things normal between the two of you and keep being a great student.

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by GL | 11/2/2022