Seven reasons your sister is your BFF


Whether she’s older or younger than you, your sister is always going to be there through all your ups and downs. Sure, you argue about stuff here and there, but there’s a reason the universe destined you two to be together for life. She's not just fam, after all—she's also your best friend. Here are seven reasons why your sister is actually your BFF.

1. You can talk to her about anything and everything

Whatever happens, she’s the first person you think of. If it’s boy issues or friend issues, she’s there to hear you out on all your problems.

2. You share clothes

So sometimes it's more stealing than sharing, but c’mon—that blue dress of hers looks so cute on you, too!

3. You can embrace each other's craziness

You two can just be ridiculous together and it’s perfectly acceptable. You might suffer from a little teasing sometimes, but what can you expect? You're sisters.

4. You can learn from one another

You’ll go through similar experiences, but in different ways. Thing is, though, different is good. It means you can provide each other with fresh advice based on your own experiences, so you can try to help each other out.

5. You two take so many pictures together

Literally 98% of your photo library on your phone is just of you and your sis.

6. You’re not afraid to be brutally honest with them

Does this lip color look good on me? Should I wear this skirt to the party tonight? Your sister is the go-to person for these kind of questions, and she’s gonna give you the hard truth. Take it as a blessing instead of an insult.

7. You’ll have each others backs forever

Sometimes you'll be so annoyed with you sister, but ultimately you can’t really imagine your life without her. You’ll stand up for her no matter what—and know she’ll do the same for you.

Are you and your sis BFFs?

Photo credit: Kendall Jenner


by Danielle Bryant | 4/19/2016