10 things only sisters understand


No matter how much we argue about the smallest things with our sisters, they’re always there for us at the end of the day (even if they steal our clothes without asking or blame us for breaking Mom's fave coffee mug). There are *tons* of things that sisters 100% understand that people without siblings just don’t get. Read on to see if you can relate to any of them:

1. Endless compliments

Sisters never fail to tell you how good you look today and boost your confidence. Thanks, sis!

2. Listening to all of the deets of your problems

Sometimes when you just need to rant, your sis is always there to listen. What better way to let all your thoughts out.

3. The strict borrowing rules- “You better ask first!”

We’ve all been there. I mean if our sisters aren’t home and their clothes are irresistible, we can just take them, right? Yeah no, that’s how World War 3 starts.

4. You're either partners in crime...

Your sister a.k.a your sidekick is stuck to you like glue (in the best way). You can conquer the world together!

5. ...or each other's worst nightmare

Then, there are those days where you just can’t stand each other. Here comes another cat-fight.

6. Always getting those Insta likes

Let’s be real, we all want lots of likes on our latest Instagram selfie. Good thing you can count on your sister for a thumbs up and a kissy face emoji. 

7. Sharing obnoxious sister love

People often comment on how close the two of you are, and you don't mind. Having a sister is having a best friend for life.

8. Remembering the good old days

Major throwback to all of those holiday parties where you and your sis were forced to wear matching outfits. Now it’s fun to look back at the pics and play “Who wore it best?”

9. Knowing her better than she does

There's never any question when it comes to what movie to watch or what snacks to chow down on. You know exactly what your sis craves so break out the hot Cheetos and Reese's.

10. Defending each other till death

Sure you’re gonna fight, but that second someone puts down your sis, you’re all up on them. How dare they say something like that about her?!

Your turn: Tell us your favorite relatable sister things in the comments below!

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 9/22/2016