Things every youngest sibling can relate to


Being a younger sister is harder than it looks. If you're the youngest of your fam, you probably know that there are certain benefits and privileges that come with it, but there are also times when you get the short end of the stick. Here are some totally relateable things that every younger sibling can understand:

You can get away with anything.
Your parents already went through all the hard stuff with your older siblings, so they're much more chill with you. Odds are your siblings have already broken all the rules, so when you do it, it's not as devastating.

If you have an older sister, you never run out of clothes.
Even though hand-me-downs aren't necessarily the most appealing thing, you always have your pick of clothes since you'd always be expecting another spring cleaning. Or, of course, you just raid your sister's closet.

Flipping through photo albums, there are shockingly fewer baby photos of you than your siblings.
Let's be honest: By the time you came around, your parents had already gone through the whole new baby thing at least once (maybe more). So they weren't so snap-happy when it came to you. Not fair.

You develop a thick skin and the best sense of humor.
When you're the youngest, you are always the one getting picked on no matter what, so you're quick to develop a thick skin. Plus, you probably thought your older siblings were the *coolest* and believed any crazy thing they told you or any ridiculous thing they told you to do. But, hey, you learned to laugh at yourself.

Your family has high expectations of you under the assumption that you were supposed to learn from your siblings' mistakes.
The excuse that you "didn't know any better" has officially expired. Sigh.

Your older sibs teach you all the stuff you need to know before your friends...
Older sisters and brothers taught you about things that you wouldn't know because you were too youngthat you later shared with all your buds. Instant cool-kid status.

...but they also never failed to embarrass you (and still do).
Your big bro told all of your friends that you still slept with a nightlightwhen you were 14 which, um, was a lieand soon enough you had an embarrassing new nickname for life.

You'll always have someone there for you no matter what.
Whether you're commiserating about your parents, need help with homework or want a ride to school, your older siblings have got you covered. And when someone's hurting you or being a bully? They're the first to have your back and protect you.

Your parents don't give you as much attention.
They've been through it all, so they're not as amazed at the cute little things you did as a child or that A you just achieved on your math test. At times you probably feel disconnected from the family, especially if you have more than two siblings, but still know they love you just as much even if they don't express it so well.

What do you think are the best and worst things about being the youngest sib? Comment down below! 

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by Cecelia Yost | 3/6/2018