Say cheese! Inspo for your fam's annual holiday photo


Posing for forced family pics is *never* fun. But your mom insists you take one every year so she has something to include in the holiday cards that she sends to all your relatives. So instead of complaining (that will get you nowhere except in a bad mood), switch it up with a cute shot that everyone agrees on with these fab ideaswho knows, you might actually like this year's pic!


You'll need a really shiny ornament, or just some great Photoshop skills. 


Capture your family's tree-decorating for a festive photo. 


Like those little nesting dolls, but in picture form. And a whole lot cuter. 


This is actually a GAP ad...but it would work just as well if you've got a lot of sibs to fit in your photo. 


A classic overhead shot is always a win. Plus, the black and white means you can snag a pic during the summer and still make it look seasonal. 


Photo booth collages are not only trendy, they're also a great way for everyone in the fam to show their silly side. 


Take a hint from every girl's Instagram this winter. Snowy shots are always pretty for holiday cards. 

Do you take family holiday pics? Let us know in the comments! 

Photo credit: Leilani Rogers, Threaded Together, Sometimes Creative.

by GL | 11/29/2016