How your birth order affects your personality


Have you ever looked at your siblings and thought, “We are so are we related?!” There may be a reason and it’s not what you think. Researchers have found that the order you were born plays a *huge* role in shaping your personality. Whether you're the first born, middle child, last born or only child, your birth order has probably impacted the way you are at home, in school and with your friends. Here's a breakdown of some classic traits of each child in the family: 

First Born: The Leader
Whether it’s your first day of kindergarten or having your first boyfriend, if you were the first born, your parents probably made it a big deal. This extra attention tends to make first born kids confident leaders. Being the oldest also means that you play the role of a “second parent” when it comes to your younger sibs. This might make you more responsible and ambitious than your younger brothers or sisters. Oldest siblings also plan things thoroughly and are rarely late to appointments.

Middle Child: The Peacekeeper
Because the oldest child is the responsible, "parent pleaser" and the youngest is the "baby" of the family, middle children often do not know where they fit in the mix so they invest in friendships. Middle children are extremely sociable and have large friend circles. You're also probably super agreeable (don't get into many fights) and are the least likely to be spoiled in the family.

Last Born: The Life of the Party
By the time their last child is born, parents have gotten over being nervous, first time parents. For this reason, the youngest kid in the family tends to get away with more than their siblings did. You have less responsibility so you tend to be more carefree, easygoing and social.

Only Child: The Mature One
Only children are around adults more than kids growing up which makes them extremely mature for their age. Because you do not have to "share" your parents, you also get lots of attention and often have high self esteem. Only children also tend to do well in school and stay organized. You may, however, have a hard time sharing and working collaboratively on a team, because you are so used to doing thigs independently without siblings. 

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by Shiran Zecharya | 4/25/2018