The struggle of annoying younger sibs + how to deal


Whether you're on the phone, doing homework or hanging out with friends, interruptions from a younger sibling can get annoying. It's hard to concetrate on math when you have a 6-year-old poking you, begging for someone to play with them. Not to mention, when you *do* let them hang with you and your gals, they spill all your secrets to your parents! You don't know what to do: You can either be mean and push them away, or compromise the quality of your essay. We've got some great tips for staying patient with younger siblings and creating boundaries your little sibs will respect.

Be honest with them.
Younger siblings look up to you, so don't lie or beat around the bush to get rid of them. Let them know you need alone time to bond with your friends, and you like a little peace and quiet after a long day. Make plans to hang out with them later so they have something to look forward to. If they persist, ask a family member to keep them occupied until you're free to spend time with them.

Understand where they're coming from.
You remember what it's like to be younger, so put yourself in their shoes. They have a lot less freedom than you, and it's exciting to get to go out and hang with teenagers, or even listen to their big sister's high school adventures. Instead of locking your door to work on your art piece, invite your younger sibling to hang out with you. Let them know that you need to concentrate and they can quietly read, watch television or even watch you create your masterpiece. 

Have a sibling time slot.
Set time a couple times a week to get ice cream, watch a show together or take the dog for a walk. Even if you've had a busy week, you'll get to hang out without leaving your little sibling in the dust. This can also help when you need some space. Remind your little bro or sis of your scheduled sibling time, and assure them they'll have your undivided attention when it comes around.

Be inclusive.
When your younger sibling asks you a question, don't brush them off or say "you won't understand, you're not old enough". Try to give them the gist, or kindly explain that you don't want to talk about it. Be sure not to leave them out or whisper secrets with your friends in front of them. Instead, let them sit with you when you're watching a movie or painting your nails. You don't have to include them in everything, but a little quality bonding time is good for you *and* them.

Do you have younger siblings? How do you deal with sticky situations? Let us know how you create boundaries with your younger siblings in the comments! 


by Julia Bonney | 5/18/2019