Everything you forget to thank your mom for (but should!)

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we should all take a moment to appreciate all that our moms do for us. Being a mom is like a full time job that they never get a break from. They do a lot of little things without expecting anything in return because they love the heck out of you. Here are 10 things moms do that they don’t expect you to notice, but that you should be grateful for.

1. She can clean anything.
You text your mom that your friend is walking home with you from school so you can work on a project and in the time it takes to make the five minute walk, the entire place is spotless. Or you get a coffee stain on your brand new white jeans and before you can even shed a tear, she found a way to get it out. How? Magical cleaning abilities, of course. 

2. She tolerates your inner drama queen.
Mom listens to your dramatic rants and overly exaggerated stories. Not only that, but she offers wisdom and support and always seem to know what to do to calm the diva side of you.

3. She drives you *everywhere*.
Your mom drives you to school, practice, home, here, there, then back there, then back home...and then she does it again the next day. And somehow she finds the time to get all her errands and work done, too. What a scheduling sorceress.

4. She makes everything okay.
We’ve all had those nights when you wake up sweating, crying, possibly screaming and your mom is right there to make you feel safe and reassure you that it wasn’t real.

5. She makes sure you never go without.
The house is almost always fully stocked. The toilet paper roll, light bulbs, batteries, paper towel roll, napkins, etc. are all miraculously replaced probably without you even noticing and whenever you run out of something, all you have to do is tell Mom and she gets you what you need. Plus she knows that you like the plain Cheez-its (not white cheddar!) and your favorite string cheese is always in the frig.

6. She's the best pest exterminator and rescuer.
Creepy crawlies? Annoying flying insects? Mom is always to the rescue. And when you’re not okay with killing it, she doesn’t argue and even though her skin is probably crawling, she still releases it back out into the wild instead of flushing it down the toilet.

7. She gives up precious sleep.
Whether it's staying up to get work done she didn’t get done because she was helping you with your homework or waiting up for you to get home from your first high school party or date or even just not being able to sleep because she’s worried about you. Mom loses some serious sleep over you and the best thing about her is that she *never* complains about it.

8. She gets your style.
Shopping is the best when you are with your mom. Some of your fave clothes are things that your mom picked out that you would have never touched. Somehow she just knows what’s going to look incredible on you. It probably has something to do with the fact that she's been dressing you since you were born!

9. She knows where everything is. No matter what.
Can’t find something? We guarantee the first thing you do is yell down the stairs “Mom! Have you seen my…?” Whether it’s been gone for a minute, an hour, a day, a month, a year or even longer, your mom somehow knows exactly where to look. She knows all the dumb places you set stuff down all the time but never remember you put it there. 

10. She’s always been and always will be your cheerleader.
Your mom has been your number one fan since the day you were born. She believes you can do whatever you set your mind to and be whoever you want to be and will do everything she possibly can to help you achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality. She will always be proud of you and think that you are the coolest person on the planet.

What’s something your mom does that you don’t appreciate as much as you should?

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by Maddie Smith | 4/26/2017