How to deal with "separation scaries" if you're going to camp


Being away from family for an extended time is one of the most difficult things you might ever do. After living with your parents and siblings your entire life, it’s hard to imagine a home without them. If you’re nervous while preparing to head off to college (or even just to camp!), know that "separation scaries" are real and normal but very manageable. Note these tips to help overcome the fear. #YouCanDoIt

Let yourself feel the scaries.
Before anything else you have to know it’s okay to have the separation scaries. Sometimes it’s easy to avoid showing that you’re feeling them because of other’s opinions but you shouldn't let anyone make you feel badly for it because you’re adjusting accordingly. Know in your heart that even if your new roomie doesn’t show it, she might also be homesick. You might make her more comfortable by opening up and chatting about your feelings. 

Call home often.
Home is where the love is...that’s why it’s so comforting. Some people might tell you that once you leave you’re supposed to learn how to live alone. That isn’t the case. Just because you’re not currently living with your parents or siblings doesn’t mean they’re no longer part of your life. You can be independent and also call them to check in whenever you want.

Send tons of pics.
Part of the reason leaving family behind is so scary is because they're the ones who know you better than anyone. If you’re nervous they’ll no longer understand your life, there’s an easy solution. Maybe you climbed the ropes course at camp or got a ton of homework on your first day of college. Whatever it may be, snap a pic of your muddy shoes or your stack of books and send it to the fam. Staying updated on each others' lives is key.

Hang reminders of your fam.
Whether it’s pictures of the whole family or drawings your little siblings made, don’t be afraid to hang them up. When you’re sad and missing them, look at their pictures. Who knows? They might even be looking at yours at the same time.

Schedule visits.
You can *never* be too busy for family so arrange for your parents to come visit. If you're at college, plan a whole weekend around visiting your new favorite spots on campus. And if you're at camp and it's allowed, have them stop by on the weekend to catch up (and maybe even bring you some goodies!). Phone chats and texts are great but they can't beat face to face time.

Are you going to be apart from your family this summer? Share in the comments!


by Gabby Regalbuto | 6/1/2018