Help: My parents want to meet bae!

First things first: A congratulations is in order because if you're even asking this question, you’ve obviously met someone special. But now you're tasked with undertaking the inevitable: The parents want to meet him or her. While the first time meeting the parents can be nerve-wracking, some of these tips might help break the ice. 

Talk to Mom and Dad about your nerves.
Feeling apprehensive? Talk to your parents about it. Let them know how important them meeting your new person is to you. Once they have an idea of how you're feeling, they might be able to make more of an effort to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Prep your new boo.
Talk to him or her about some of your parents likes and dislikes. Most importantly, if this means a lot to you then tell them! For a lot of girls, Mom and Dad’s opinion means everything because it's that final approval you've been seeking. Letting bae know what is on your mind will encourage them to take this seriously. 

Pull out a couple of games.
Competition brings out the personality in all of us. Stick to classics like UNO or Sorry—it will keep you guys from having to come up with things to talk about and avoid any awkward silences.

Have some of your friends over.
Instead of a high pressure one-on-one introduction, invite a group of your guy and girl friends over to make everything more relaxed. Having some of your closest friends around while you introduce your new boo to your parents will make everyone a little more comfortable. 

Find things in common.
Whether its a sports team or a favorite actor, come up with a few things everyone might have in common. Talk about it with your significant other before they come over so they have something to bring up just in case the conversation gets a little #awkward. 

Last but not least remember that you see something special in your significant other (that's why you're with them after all). If they’re right for you, your family will see that too. So stop freaking out, act natural and trust it will all work out.

Have you ever introduced someone to your parents? How did it go? Share below! 

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by Sydney Haywood | 8/5/2017