My parents taught me these 3 things and it changed my life

Parents have this annoying habit of telling you the same thing over and over again until they’re sure it’s stuck with you—until it’s ingrained in your mind so you can’t forget it even if you try. As frustrating as that habit can be, sometimes the reason they repeat themselves is because they want to share a life lesson you’ll (eventually) understand and appreciate.

Hindsight is 20/20, so here are three life lessons from my parents that I am finally coming to value as a young adult.

1. Mind your manners.
Growing up in the South, my friends and I faced constant reminders by our parents to treat everyone we met with respect—say things like please and thank you, and hold doors open for people. Studies attest that proper etiquette and good manners can make you seem more likable. Kindness toward others can also make you a happier person overall. All through my high school years, I have had others remark on how easy it is to work with me, and I attribute that to my use of common courtesy.

2. Make your bed.
I still struggle to make my bed every morning, but that’s not for my mother’s lack of trying. Although I have a hard time remembering to accomplish this daily task, I definitely recognize its value. Making your bed each morning can serve as one of your vital sleep cues at night—because a tidy bed looks more inviting than a messy one. Beyond its impact on your sleep, this easy chore also demonstrates pride in your possessions and surroundings, and it sets you up to take better care of the rest of your bedroom. Even on the days when I can only to toss the pillows near the headboard and straighten the covers a little bit, I feel that much more put-together and prepared for the day.

3. Value your money.
I was expected to get a job as soon as I was old enough. My parents helped me out with expenses like back-to-school shopping, but if I wanted to see a movie or go to a high school football game, that cash came directly from my own earnings. Although as a teenager I sometimes wished that my parents would pay for everything, looking back now I realize just how generous they really were. And I also feel grateful for the opportunities I had to learn about budgeting and making wise financial decisions—even as simple as deciding whether I’d rather spend 10 bucks on a movie or a yummy treat.

If I wanted to keep listing life lessons that my parents turned out to be right about, I could fill a whole book. But these three particular lessons have served me especially well as I’ve transitioned into becoming a young adult.

What lessons have *your* parents taught you? Share below! 

by Kelsey Down | 1/22/2020