How to help your parents out this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: one of the only holidays that makes it socially acceptable to stuff your face with yummy food until you *literally* can't take another bite. Also family and being thankful and turkeys. What a time. You subsist on dinner rolls all day until you finally hear the call that the meal is ready. But how often do you see what actually goes into getting this delicious meal on the table? Really show how thankful you are with these five ways to help whoever's doing this cooking this Thanksgiving.

1. Go grocery shopping.
All that food doesn't just magically appear in your house. Help take the load off of Mom or Dad by either accompanying them to the grocery store or going with an older sib to pick up needed ingredients. 

2. Ask what they need.
Sometimes, a simple "Can I help you with anything?" can do the trick. Your parents might not even need your help, but even asking just in case can really make their day and show that all the blood, sweat and tears going into that stuffing isn't for nothing.

3. Help prep the food.
When I started helping my mom out during Thanksgiving, I shaved *loads* of time off of her schedule by grating the cheese for the mac. Simple food prep like that can be the key to speeding up an otherwise super long (and tiring) process. Not to mention it makes for great bonding time.

4. Wash the dishes.
The key to avoiding the dreaded pile of dishes at the end of Thanksgiving is washing as you go so volunteer as dishwasher. When one dish has been made and put in the oven, wash those dishes so the real chef can get to what the next dish of course! Teamwork makes the dream work.

5. Keep them company.
Sometimes, the best thing you can do is provide some company. Put on some tunes and hang around in the kitchen while your mom or dad chefs it up. Not only will it help the time pass for both of you, they won't be left lonely in the kitchen while everyone waits to be fed. 

How do you help around the house when Thanksgiving comes around? Let us know in the comments.


by Cydnii Jones | 11/21/2018