The things you wish your dad would stop saying

Your dad is the best of the best, but sometimes his favorite phrases are the ones you dislike the most. Somedays he will critique your fashion choices, on other days he will lecture your spending habits. Either way, his good hearted, fatherly intentions are what make your dad, well...your dad.


Ask your mother.
This phrase doesn't need an explanation...

Talk to her mother.
Anytime your teacher, coach or babysitter called home, your dad would dodge the call. Then he would pass the phone off to your mother. "She is always better at that sort of thing," he would say. 

Where is your coat?
No matter the age, you constantly catch yourself saying "Ugh, dad I know."

You're going to wear that?
Our dads can be the biggest fashion critiques—whether it's the holes in the jeans, the crop tops or the just-above-the-knee skirts, Dad always has something to say.

"As long as you live under my roof..."
You've heard this phrase before. We mean, we can almost guarantee you have. Maybe you heard it when you listned to your music too loudly. Or when you *forgot* to clean your room, again. Regardless, this phrase, has been said.

When I was your age.
This is the start to a never ending lecture on the "new" generation. "When I was your age," he would say... "We would (fill in the blank) and we would never (fill in the blank). In this moment, you aren't sure how to respond. "I'm sorry that I am 13?" Maybe?   

Yes, any sentence that refers to him paying the bills. Which always lead to: "I am not made of money you know."

Tell us in the comments below what does your father say the most to you?


by Alyshia Hull | 4/20/2018