Is your older sibling leaving home? Here's how to cope

Knowing that your older sibling is going to be leaving the house soon can make the time leading up to it sad, nostalgic and bittersweet. Whether they’re leaving for college or moving out to live on their own, not living with your older sibling can be such a lifestyle change. No amount of preparation can make the process any easier, but there are ways to cope with their absence after they’re gone.

Make a schedule of when you’re going to call or facetime
Keeping in contact with your siblings can become difficult when you’re not living under the same roof. You go from seeing them every day, to not seeing them until they come home for holidays or school breaks. This can make the distance feel even harder, because it is such a change to what you and your family are used to. Making a schedule to help keep track of when you’re going to call them or facetime can ensure that you will stay in touch. Although keeping in touch by texting is great, seeing their face or hearing their voice feels like they’re right there with you. 

Text them whenever you’re thinking about them
If you’re shopping and see a pair of shoes that they might like, are watching your shared favorite movie or just miss them, send a text! It will let them know that you’re thinking about them, which will make the long distance easier for them. Being away from home can be hard, but knowing that your family is thinking about you can make it so much easier! 

Plan visits
Whether your sibling is only 30 minutes away or a 3-hour plane ride, visiting is so important. When you’re used to seeing your sibling every day, going months without seeing them can feel super strange. Planning to visit them will give you something to look forward to when you’re missing them extra. 

If you're feeling extra bummed about your sibling's move, remember this: Change means growth! Yes, your bond will be different from now on, but we promise that it's going to get even stronger. You'll finally appreciate the time you spend together, and family "together" time will take on a whole new meaning.

What do you and your siblings love to do in your free time? Let us know in the comments! 


by Molly Beidleman | 8/28/2019