You’re stuck in the house together. How can you and your fam get along?

Social distancing equals more time at home, which means you and your fam are probably seeing a *lot* more of each other than usual. Spending extra time with family is great, but being stuck in close quarters can get old pretty quickly. Check out these tips on making quarantine with your fam a walk in the park.

1. Find your *happy* place

Find a quiet space in your home where you can kick back and relax. Whether it's your bed or your backyard, you'll always have a place to retreat to when you need some "me-time". 

2. Lend a hand 

Clutter is sure to pile up with everyone spending so much time at home, so do your parents a favor and help out around the house. It'll keep them happy, and they might even throw a little extra allowance your way!

3. Be understanding

Being stuck inside is probs making everyone a little stir-crazy, so there are sure to be mixed emotions in the house. But there's no need to panic! Take a breath and be there for your fam. You never know when you'll need to lean on them!

4. Take a break from work (and get your fam in on the fun)
Need to step back from online school and take a breather? Find something fun to take your mind off of your work, and ask your family to join you. You'll get a break from school *and* make some lasting memories

5. Don't be a hermit

It may be easy to spend all day cooped up in your room binge-watching Netflix or scrolling through TikTok, but that doesn't mean you should. Share your new TV show obsessions with the rest of your fam! Or better yet, teach your parents your favorite TikTok moves and see if they can keep up!

How have you and your family been spending time at home? Let us know below!


by Paris J. | 4/13/2020