10 unique ideas for the *perfect* Mother’s Day gift

Mother's Day is quickly approaching, and it's the perfect time of year to show some love to our sweet mamas, grandmas, aunts and other ladies in our lives. Let's face it: They deserve it! Having trouble thinking of a gift to show mom how much you love her? Check out this list for some gift inspo!

Spice up mom's day 

If your mom is a whiz in the kitchen, she's sure to love this. Gift mom a spice rack full of her favorite spices and then offer to cook with her for some extra bonding time! Bon appetit!

Relaxation station

Make mom's quarantine wardrobe a little cozier with a fuzzy robe! It's sure to keep her comfy — perfect for a relaxing night in with the fam.

If your mom's a bookworm... 

Why settle for one book when you can have lots? If your mom loves to read, give her the gift that keeps on giving: a Book of the Month subscription! When your mom reads her monthly book, she'll be sure to think of you!

Picture perfect


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Put a smile on mom's face with a beautiful digital portrait! Transform one of your favorite pics together into a bright and colorful memory that'll she'll cherish forever.

Spruce up mom's morning cup

Don't let mom keep using her same old coffee cup. Add some color to her morning with a fun coffee mug that she can use in the kitchen or on the go!

Yoga moms, unite

Who says moms can't get their yogi on? Gift mom a super-cute mat — you two can take a class together on YouTube! 

Green thumbs up 

Ditch the boring old flower bouquet and surprise mom with a big beautiful plant — add a decorative pot and you've got a gift that mom will get to watch grow every day!

No salon, no problem

Bring the nail salon to mom with the prettiest colors! If you're nice, she may even let you borrow one!

Give mom a (virtual) hand

Moms are always taking care of us, but sometimes they could use a little help, too! Gift mom her own personal assistant with an Alexa speaker; she'll be happy to have someone take care of her for a change!

Words of love

Sometimes the best gifts are the ones that we didn't spend a cent on. As fun as presents are, you don't have to buy mom a gift to show her that you appreciate her. Take a card and write down everything you love about your mom. Or, leave her notes around the house to let her know how grateful you are for everything she does. Whatever you choose to do for your mom this Mother's Day, be sure to let her know you love her to the moon and back!

What's your favorite thing about your mom? Let us know below!


by Paris Johnson | 5/5/2020