10 perfect holiday gifts for Dad

Getting a gift for Dad is not as easy as getting a gift for Mom. You can't just get Dad a beauty gift set from Ulta and call it a day, the struggle is *def* real. Every dad is different—some dads are super into grilling food, others are full-on Star Wars fanatics and some work all day long so could really benefit from quality time with the fam. 

It can be hard to know what the perfect gift for Dad should be. Don't worry, we've compiled a list of 10 perfect gifts you can get your dad this holiday season! 

The very embarrassing book of dad jokes

Dads are known for telling the most cringe-worthy jokes of all time. Gift this book of cheesy jokes from dads all over the world to *your* dad for the holidays. Urban Outfitters, $14.

Airpod pro case 

Gift your dad an AirPods case for his fresh new pair of Airpod pros. We all know how clumsy parents can be, you might be the reason they don't break the next time he drops them. Amazon, $25.

Clinique for men 

Men need skincare routines too, Hyram would be very disappointed if he knew your dad didn't have one. Clinique for men is the perfect place way to get your dad in the skincare game. Ulta, $15.

2021 planner 

Is your dad busy 24/7? Shop this sophisticated brown leather planner to keep him organized so he never misses another daddy-daughter date again! Amazon, $14.

Personalized leather bracelet

This personalized leather bracelet is the perfect gift to show your dad how much you love and appreciate him. You'll also be adding a fabulous new accessory to Dad's daily work *lewk*. Etsy, $23.

Personalized coffee mug

We all know how much Dad loves his morning cup of joe. He'll smile every time he drinks out of this personalized mug, covered with *adorbs* pics of the two of you.  Shutterfly, $12.

Monogrammed wallet

What does Dad use on a daily basis? His wallet, of course! A classy *and* classic gift, Dad will love this. Etsy, $23.

Best Dad Ever socks 

Every time Pop looks into his drawer, he'll get a reminder that he's the coolest. These socks, printed with barbeques, lawnmowers and tools will show him how much you appreciate him and his help! Kohls, $6.

Portable speaker

Surprise him with a dope speaker, and spend the evening switching up your Harry Styles playlists with his favorite Rolling Stone albums as a double present. Walmart, $34.

Spend the day with him doing whatever he wants

Of course, the number one thing you could give to Dad is bonding time. Whether you let him pick out a movie or let him teach you how to change a tire, he's sure to treasure the time with you!

Which of these gifts will your dad be receiving this holiday season? Let us know on Twitter @Girlslifemag!


by Elina Graham and Hayley Miller | 11/27/2020