I'm going to a party, but I don't like the guest list

My friend is having a party and some people I don't like are going to be there. Should I skip the party, or go and ignore them? What if something goes wrong? What do I do?


If you have a few close friends going that you know you can hang out with and be comfortable around, then I say go for it!  Have your own fun and don’t let other people ruin your night. 


There’s no reason you should have to interact with the people you don’t like if there are other girls and guys you can hang with. If you’re faced with confrontation, though, don’t sweat. Slap a friendly smile on your face and keep your words civil. Just ‘cause you don’t like each other doesn’t mean you can’t get along for one night, right?


Just in case, though, let’s say you do go to the party and something bad does happen. What now? Call Mom and Dad, an older sib or family member, or an older friend who can legally drive and ask for a ride home. There’s no shame in heading home early. If you need an excuse, tell your buds you’re really not feeling well. Head outside for a little fresh air and wait for your getaway car, OK, babe?


Good luck and have fun!


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by Madeleine Brown and Brittany Taylor | 2/1/2016