20 crazy world records to break with your summer sisters

Not only will you keep boredom at bay this summer as you try and break a world record, but you and your girls could also become famous! Get ready as one gal holds the timer and the other attempts the record. Take turns, or have each of you try for different records. Here are some of the coolest and craziest records we think would be awesome to break.

Fastest time to eat a muffin with no hands. The current record is at 29 seconds. Dive in to this delish treat and go for 28!

Most grapes eaten in one minute. Pop ‘em in quick to try and break the record of 54 grapes!

Fastest time to peel and eat an orange blindfolded as a pair. You and a girlie can both hold this silly record, just as long as you beat the current record holders’ time of 28 seconds.

Longest line of M&Ms pretzel candies lined up in 30 seconds. Don’t worry about gobbling down any treats for this record. Just make your line longer than 42 candies!

Most envelopes torn in half in 30 seconds. Get your hands movin’ quick to try and rip more then 46 envelopes.

Fastest time to burst 10 balloons by sitting on them. You and five of your girls could hold this record. Just pop ‘em in more than 14.9 seconds!

Most socks put on in one minute. Grab some of Dad’s socks to stretch over your feet as you try to break the record by putting on more than 45 socks.

Most hair clips put on your head in 30 seconds. You’ll deff have an advantage over boys in breaking this record. Try beating the record of 63 clips.

Most dominoes stacked in 30 seconds. Precision is key when trying to beat this record of 38 dominoes.

Most dominoes toppled in 30 seconds. Set ‘em up and then let ‘em fall to see if you can knock down more than 60 dominoes.

Longest duration to keep five balloons in the air. Make sure you’ve got your eye on all five balloons. The current record holder kept ‘em up for 9.4 seconds.

Fastest time to assemble Mr. Potato Head blindfolded. Grab an old Toy Story toy and see how much you can remember as you try and assemble Mr. Potato Head in less than 16 seconds.

Most leap frog jumps in 30 seconds. Here’s another record you and your bestie can break together. Just get more than 30 jumps.

Most star jumps in one minute. Jump your way into this record. Just out-hop the current record of 72 jumps.

Most golf balls held in one hand. This one’s a toughie. Do your best to beat the record of a whopping 27 golf balls!

Most forward rolls in one minute. Try not to get dizzy while you’re breakin’ this record. You just gotta get 76 forward rolls to beat the current record hold.

Highest score on Angry Birds. Try to get those birds to beat 37,510.

Highest score on Fruit Ninja. Slice and dice your way to more than 1,617 points to hold the record.

Highest score on Wii Fit Hula Hooping. Catch a workout while you try to break this record. You’ll need a score of more than 332 points.

Highest score on Bejeweled Blitz. Match up the jewels to rack up more points. The current record holder has nearly one million points! You’ll need more then 938,550 points to be the new record holder.

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Which world record would you babes like to break? Tell us in the comments!


by Katie Takacs | 2/1/2016