13 things that are better than revenge

When your BF cheats or your bestie backstabs, we know you’re just dying to get back at them. Sure, it’s not the right thing to do, but those jerks totally deserve it! But before you scheme up a blush-worthy scandal or prep for egging and TP-ing, take a sec to think. Revenge is not as satisfying as it sounds, and afterwards, you’ll feel just as bad as ya did before. So how should you deal with the drama? Here are 13 (mess-free) things that are even better than revenge!

Focusing on yourself

If you’re wrapped up in revenge, you’re focusing on the wrong thing. Instead of worrying about giving that scumbag a taste of their own medicine, think about yourself. The most important thing is that you recover ASAP.

Thinking it through

Emotions can often make your judgment cloudy, so it’s important to set the passion aside and think this incident through. After a calm evaluation, you might even realize that the whole shenanigan was no biggie.


We know it sounds a little crazy, but anti-revenge is the best kind! Being super nice and acting 100-percent over it is the way to go. You’ll psych out your victim and look like the cool, calm, mature gal you are.

Making the most of it

Looking on the bright side can feel impossible, especially when you can’t even find it. But trust us, there’s always a silver lining. BF bolted? Hey, this single girl’s now got more time with the besties. BFF ditched? Use it as an opportunity to reach out and make new friends.

Being patient

You may feel like you’ve gotta take action right this sec, but sometimes waiting it out is the solution. Things get better with time, so sit back, relax, and let your problems mend themselves.

Getting a makeover

Looking good is feeling good, and whoever did ya wrong will hate to see a new and improved you. Hit up the mall and let the besties make you over- then let that confidence shine! A new look will lock the drama in the past.

Learning from it

Give yourself a mini mental quiz about the issue. What happened, and more importantly, why? Could you have stopped this? Learning from mistakes, both yours and others’, can lift your mood and actually make the stress worthwhile.

Putting those feelings to work

No matter what you’re feeling right now, you’re feeling it strongly. Take that all that sad, hurt, angry energy and put it to good use. Join a gym, learn to tango, whatevs!

Surrounding yourself with good stuff

Blast that iPod and host a girls’ night in. Doing things you love to do and surrounding yourself with things you love will heal your heartbreak and let you kiss those worries goodbye.

Chilling with your friends and fam

There may have been a mishap, but you’ve still got a constant crew that cares about ya. Whether it’s your ‘rents, your girls, or your sibs, turn to your support system for a solution.

Writing it out

Expressing yourself can be a big relief, but you might not feel comfy dishing the deets to your buds. Grab a pen and dust off that journal, then let it all out.

Treating yourself

Rather than aiming negativity at someone else, aim positivity at yourself! Buy yourself those jeans, go for an ice cream sundae, spend an hour in a warm bubble bath. Do whatever you can to make yourself smile.

Letting it go

If you take revenge, it means you’re still clinging to the past. Instead, look forward and put all your grudges to rest. Once you completely let go, you’ll finally feel free from all that stress and drama.


by Julie Harans | 2/1/2016