20 PLL gifs that accurately describe you and your bestie

We’re completely obsessed with Pretty Little Liars and are devastated that the show is in its final season. While we can’t get enough of the crazy drama and amazing fashion, the main reason we love PLL is because it focuses so much on strong female friendships. Whenever we see Aria, Emily, Spencer, Alison and Hanna on screen, we’re reminded of our own besties and the special bonds we share. So, here are 20 times PLL pretty much summed up the bond between you and your BFF.

1. You’re practically the same person #twinsies

You sometimes wonder if you two share a psychic link.

2. When you get to hang out, you can’t contain your excitement

Even the simplest of activities–like getting fro-yo–turns into the best day ever with her.

3. Your bestie always has the perfect reaction to your stories

You can count on your bestie to gush, cry or interject with “OMG!” at exactly the right moment.

4. You two are *so* above petty gossip

You’re too busy being the fabulous duo that you are to worry about gossip.

5. She offers major life advice, like Emily

No one can say exactly what you need to hear like your bestie can.

6. She’s there to offer comforting words after you’ve dealt with a meanie

You know she’ll always be on your side.

7. You’re super protective of your bestie

“You hurt my best friend, you deal with me. Got it?" *cracks knuckles menacingly*

8. She doesn’t always understand your references but you love her anyways

Her cluelessness can be endearing and besides, it’s not like you get all her Star Wars jokes!

9. You know you can engage in some friendly judging

Sassy comments are frequently exchanged between you and your bestie. It’s all in good fun.

10. She can’t stop *lovingly* teasing you about your new bae

But you know that she is deep down super happy for you and your boo. *kissy-faces*

11. When you have a terrible day, there’s only one number you call

You can go to your bestie with any problem or sitch and she’ll be there with tissues and ice cream.

12. When you hear she has a new crush, you order her to spill immediately

“Tell me everything you know about him. Do it. Now.”

13. You know you can be yourself around her, even at your worst

You can let your guard down around her because you trust her completely.

14. When you go more than 24 hours without seeing her, you turn into Spencer

And your parents accuse you of being a drama queen. Pffft, what do they know?

15. Toby’s sage wisdom more than applies to you and your bestie

She’s basically your sister. Even your mom refers to her as “my other daughter.”

16. You want to share every life experience with her, even the unpleasant ones

If you had to taste the disgusting soy latte, so does she!

17. Sharing secrets is NBD at this point since she knows literally everything about you

She knows your bra size, who you shared your first kiss with, and all about your mild, *cough cough extreme* obsession with My Little Pony. There is no such thing as TMI between you.

18. Your friendship has withstood some challenges, but it’s still going strong

You may fight or have off days, but nothing can break apart the bonds of your friendship.

19. No one gives hugs like your bestie does

She’s your soulmate and you don’t know what you’d do without her.

20. The ultimate mood-booster and cure-all is a hug from your best friend

You can’t imagine not having your bestie in your life. Just like the PLLs, you know how important friendship is.

Which PLL friendship reminds you most of you and your bestie? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Morgan Ome | 7/11/2016