10 signs you and your BFF are basically the same person


Ever had a BFF that you share everything with? It's great to have that kind of friend and it's even better when you can act however you want around her without judgment. Your bestie is your soul twin, your partner in crime who is always there for you no matter what. Think we can't relate? Try us. Here's our 10 signs you and your BFF are closer than two peas in a pod.

1. You tell her absolutely everything about your body.
You share every detail about your bodily functions whether it's cramps, period problems or down right bowel movements. You both deem it necessary to tell one another no matter how weird or gross. To you guys, it's even ok to ask questions about it, like if how you're feeling is normal or strange. For some reason, it doesn't gross you out when telling one another. But talking about it to someone else makes you want to gag.

2. You're both extremely goofy when you're around each other.
Dancing around with a bra strapped to your forehead isn't weird when your doing it with your BFF. Acting insanely strange with her is actually really healthy because you can be you. Just don't expect anyone else to understand it.

3. You're basically her parent's other child.
Being invited over for dinner doesn't happen. It's just expected that if you're over, you're eating dinner with the fam. If you're sleeping over Saturday night, you're probably going to church the next morning and wearing your BFF's nice church clothes. Your friend's parents treat you just like their own, and that can sometimes mean being punished just as much as your friend for doing something stupid together. You don't mind though, you love it.

4. There is no limit to your Snapchats.
Your snaps range from the ugliest faces of all time to total bombshell going-on-my-date-how-do-I-look. Seriously, you both communicate more on Snapchat than through texting because you're both sharing awkward moments and daily activities.

5. You don't mind doing absolutely everything together.
There are some friends that you can only spend so much time with, but with your BFF you just feel at home. With some friends you always need to be doing something exciting like going to a water park or seeing a new movie. With your bestie, you're completely fine with doing nothing. Your main adventures some days include going to the grocery store to buy brownie mix and taking your dog on a walk.

6. You get semi-jealous if she talks about a new girl she's hanging out with.
OK, so you want her to be happy and you want her to have friends, but you don't want anyone to take your place. So you may get semi-jealous when she talks about a cool girl she met at a swim meet. You'll probably hate this new girl for a little until you meet her, and realize she's totally part of your posse.

7. You tell her exactly how you feel about her boo.
With some friends you don't exactly state how you really feel about their boyfriends, but with your bestie you tell her exactly what you think. There is no way you're going to let some stupid boy hurt your friend, so you only let the good ones have her heart. And if the guy even tries to hit on you he's going down.

8. You've already planned your future together.
There's no question about it. You both want to go to the same college, and live together as roommates. You've already planned to move to San Fransisco and you've already picked out your dream apartment. Basically, your whole plan for the future includes your best friend.

9. There is absolutely no privacy between you two.
It's typical for you both to be so comfortable around each other that you don't realize the things you're doing aren't normal. You pee with the door open, you memorize your besties passcode and open up her phone constantly to take thousands of selfies. You pick up her phone when her mom calls. Whatever, you're the same person anyways.

10. If your bestie doesn't like someone, you don't like them either.
Your best friend got in a fight with some girl you don't even know, and she talks smack about them after school. Automatically you pitch in with your bestie, you don't like this girl either! Who's this chick again? It doesn't matter, you'll stick up for your friend no matter what.

What do you think GL Girls? Do you and your bestie relate? Let us know in the comments below!

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by Viviana Santini | 4/19/2018