Your back to school guide to making new friends


Between starting new classes and finding the perfect first day outfit, back to school season is pretty stressful. If you are starting a new school or just looking to expand your friend group, meeting new people only adds extra worry to your to-do list. Follow this guide to face your fears and form new friendships when you head back to school this year.

Get involved.

Joining a school club or organization gives you a great opportunity to find friends with similar interests as you. Whether it's student government, a sports team or community service club, becoming part of a group at school will provide a sense of community and introduce you to a ton of new people.

Meet your classmates.

Instead of leaving as soon as the class period ends, spend some time after class talking with fellow classmates. Learn their names and share a little information about yourself. Soon, you'll have in-class friends to look forward to seeing each day.

Plan a study sesh.

Initiate study dates among other students whenever there's an upcoming test. Meet at someone's house or even a local coffee shop to review material and practice questions with each other. It'll bring you and your school friends closer as you spend time together apart from the regular class hour.

Ask to hang out.

Don't feel too shy to ask your friends to make plans. Most likely, they'll want to hangout with you outside of school just as much as they do in school. Consider meeting at the mall or seeing a movie with some of your school pals and make lots of new memories in the process.

Keep an open mind.

Remember to stay open-minded when heading back to school. Feel confident, instead of intimidated, when meeting new people. By being yourself and flashing your brightest smile, you are on your way to building new friendships and having an amazing school year.

Do you have any tips for making new friends this school year? Share your advice with us in the comments!

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by Megan Holt | 8/11/2016