Resolutions that will make you a better friend in 2017


January 1st is this week so it's time to start brainstorming New Year's resolutions. One thing we should *all* consider putting on the list is being a better friendthere’s always room for it. Whether you want to focus on the little things a bit more, or try and change your not-so-great traits, we’ve picked some resolutions that you *need* to try and keep in 2017 so you can be the best friend you can be this coming year.

Celebrate your success together

When something good happens to you guys, celebrate together. This will show your friends how much you really care about them. Plus, what’s better than hanging out?

Start a girlfriend group

Girl time is always the *best* time. Have a few traditions or certain days where you all hang out. This way, you’ll get to catch up and your pals will know how close you all are.

Show gratitude

Always remind your BFFs how grateful you are to have them in your life. This will make them feel *extra* special.

Let go of expectations

The number one thing you can do is stop judging others and going off of first impressions. People will especially want to be your friend if they realize how open you are to all people.

Keep your communication balanced

Don’t be one of the people who takes forever to respondbut at the same time, don’t be the person that over-texts when it's obvious that your friend may be busy. You want to make sure your convo is balanced.

Be a good listener

The more you listen to your friends, the more they’ll appreciate your friendship. Listening is always a good foundation for any relationship, and is a must with your BFFs (especially when there are so many things to talk about!).

Always lend a helping hand

Being helpful is a good trait in general. When your friend needs help with studying, drama or any other probs, always be there for them. It will just make your friendship stronger.

What are some of your other New Year's resolutions? Sound off in the comments below!

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by Yasmeena Fakhouri | 12/28/2017