Are you and your BFF guilty of these 7 things?

A best friend is someone we can trust, someone we love and someone we share all our secrets with. A best friend is also someone who knows (and puts up with!) all of our weird quirks and habits. Keep reading to see how many of these things you and *your* BFF do without even realizing it...then CLICK HERE to tag her so she can relate, too.

1. All you and your BFF have to do is exchange one glance in a room full of people and you can instantly read each other’s minds. It’s either that or you burst out into laughter while your friends cluelessly try to figure out what’s so funny.

2. You’re a package deal and whoever either of you date will have to accept that from day one.

3. You break out into the weirdest dance moves during jam sessions and there is absolutely no judgment.

4. You tell each other everything. Literally everything. And you can talk for hours about absolutely nothing and still be entertained.

5. Speaking of sharing everything, they help you with decoding texts and tell you whether you need to drop that guy who doesn’t treat you right.

6. When you hang out, sometimes you don’t even have to speak to each other. Just being in the presence of one another is comforting.

7. You’re needy but so is your BFF! You both have accepted that this is just how life will be and you two absolutely love it. You can blow up each other’s phones with texts and calls without being afraid that you’ll appear crazy.

Do any of these sound like you and your bestie? CLICK HERE to tag your BFF!

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by Shilpa Raj | 5/19/2017