What it really means to be BFF #goals

There are *so* many posts on the internet saying what BFF goals are (think cute pics for the gram, matching outfits, photo-worthy dates). But all of these things mean nothing if you don’t have a strong base for a great friendship. We’re breaking down the real BFF goals the internet fails to mention below.

Always being proud of each others' accomplishments is so important to friendships. If you are both trying for the same thing and you don't get it, don't be upset. Be happy that you've got such a hard-working BFF who keeps you working hard, too.

When one of you is having a bad day you always know how to cheer each other up.

She's the one you always laugh uncontrollably with. There are way too many inside jokes to even count.

You guys can face any challenge knowing you will always stick by each others' side through it all.

You guys are not afraid to always be your weird real selves around each other because nothing they do is weirder than what you'd do.

When you're feeling down, you remind each other of how amazing you are.

You can eat the entire contents of your fridge and pantry and never feel judged because she does it, too.

You both know how to keep each others' egos in check!

When it comes down to it, you know there is no one else like her in the whole world and your friendship can never be replaced.

How are you and your BFF #goals? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 9/14/2017