Why your bestie is the *best* homecoming date

Having a cutie ask you to the homecoming dance with flowers and a poster is what we all dream of for the dance. But sometimes it’s not what it’s cracked up to be especially if you don’t know him or her super well. So, this HOCO, stop stressing and ask your fave gal pal instead to dance the night away. Here’s why she’d be the *best* date.

You don’t have to worry about coordinating outfits.
Unless you really want to be match-y, than you def don’t have to. Picking out a dress is so much less stressful when you don’t have to worry about dressing someone else, too.

There will never be an awkward moment.
If you don’t know your date super well, you run the risk of not talking or having to sneak away to be with your friends. You and your BFF will rock all night long to your fave jams and have the best time, guaranteed.

Goodbye slow dance drama. 
Standing face to face with someone rocking side to side for three minutes can feel like a lifetime when you haven’t been talking all night. Do we talk? Do we kiss? Where can I look so I’m not looking directly in their eyes? It’s not always like the movies, but you and your bestie can scream at the top of your lungs to the sappy Ed Sheeran song.

You two have so many great memories to so many songs.
When your fave songs come on (aka the ones you guys jam out to in the car or at sleepovers), you can *finally* show off that dance you choreographed together.

You won’t be bored bouncing back and forth with his friends and your friends.
When you're with a date, you have to make sure the other person is having fun and that means having to split time with friends. HOCO is the time to be making memories with your best friends, so why would you want to spend it with anyone else?

You can have an epic post-party sleepover.
TBH, the homecoming dance is only the pre-party to the fun sleepover you and the squad are going to have. It’s the best when you take off your heels, throw on sweats, order pizza and talk all about what happened that night.

Who are you going to homecoming with? Tell us in the comments below!

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by Bella Torres | 9/18/2017