The toughest questions you *need* to debate with your BFFs

Have you ever thought something was *totally obvious* but then were shocked to find out that none of your friends agreed with you? Don't assume. Find out if you're really BFFs and on the same wavelength by testing out these heated questions on your friends!

1) Should pineapple be on pizza? Let's hear your argument...

2) Early bird or night owl? Or maybe even both?

3) Ketchup on or beside your fries? This should be an easy one...


4) Do you brush your teeth before or after breakfast? Let's just say there's a clear winner here...

5) Toilet paper over or under? There's only one right answer here...

6) Eat the crust or leave the crust? Come on... this one should be obvious! 

7) Cereal or milk first? This should be a no brainer!

8) Smooth or crunchy peanut butter? Time to consult those tastebuds...


So how'd it go? Did you know your BFF as well as you thought you did? Or do you need to schedule an emergency sleepover *ASAP* cause there's a lot more to find out? Either way, at least now you know what to expect the next time you and your BFF grab a slice of pizza.


by Sara Cathcart | 11/20/2020