The *best* gifts for your sporty friend

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We all have that super athletic friend who *loves* working out. We've rounded up a list of the perfect gifts that are workout essentials for your sporty bestie. 

1. Nike Sport headbands, $12

This super cute set of sport headbands will keep your bestie looking cute, and save them from hair troubles stopping their workout. 

2. Adidas steel water bottle, $26

Keep your BFF healthy and hydrated with this steel water bottle that keeps drinks cold for 24 hours. 

3. 2021 fit planner, $40

Make keeping track of your friend's life and fitness goals simple *and* adorable with this Fitness planner designed by the incredible Blogilates on Youtube.

4. Foam roller, $16

Rolling out after an intense workout feels great, and helps prevent your BFF from getting injured. 

5. Muscle soak, $34

This post-workout bath soak relaxes muscles *and* smells fantastic. 

6. Touchscreen running gloves, $16

Your bestie's winter run will be so much better with these running gloves that are warm *and* work on a touchscreen device.

7. Fanny pack, $25

Your sporty friend will be rocking this fanny pack that helps them easily carry their gear. 

8. Leggings, $50

Leggings are a workout *must*, and these rose-colored leggings from the Popflex sugar plum collection are perfect for the gym, or an at-home workout. 

Got the perfect workout gift idea? We'd love to hear it! Tag us on social @girlslifemag!

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by Abigail Adams | 11/30/2020