The 6 best Galentine’s Day gifts for your girls

Who says V-day is just for couples? Call up your gal pals and mark your calendars, because Galentine's Day is coming up on the 13th!  Your besties have been there with you through it all, and they totally deserve to be spoiled and celebrated for it. Here are 6 *super* cute gift ideas to show your girls how much you love them.

Matching Build-A-Bears

How adorable are stuffed animals? Well, getting matching ones with your BFF makes them about 10 times cuter. You could get matching clothes or even leave cute voice messages inside each other's bears. Build-A-Bear is offering a Valentine's Day sale right now, so seize the opportunity and get one!

Scented candles

Good smells are *so* soothing, and scented candles will def deliver. If you love a challenge, try to find a candle that is basically your bestie in a jar. If she's chill and laid back, gift her lavender, and if she's warm and cozy, gift her apple pie. Either way, her nose—and room—will thank you. Shop candles like these on Etsy.

Friendship rings

Even if you can't be around 24/7, friendship rings can connect you together no matter the distance. Not to mention how stylish and chic they look. Dig around for some colorful beads to string together your own, or check out these stunning silver ones from Etsy.

Spotify plaques

Just like how a picture can speak a thousand words, a song can hold a thousand memories. If there's a track that holds a special meaning to you both—whether it's your "never-skip" fave or the song playing when the two of you first met—memorialize it with a cool plaque that has a scannable Spotify song code and a customizable image of the two of you. Bonus tip: if you don't have a particular song in mind but love the idea, check out this cute article or our "you're my best friend" playlist on Spotify for inspo!  Shop plaques like these on Etsy.

Red-velvet cupcakes

Who doesn't love cupcakes? Like, seriously, we'd like to have a chat with them. Sweet, rich and packed with love, this red-velvet cupcake recipe from CupcakeJemma is to die for. Bake your bestie a batch and drop the treats off at her house with a cute hand-written card to sweeten her *entire* day. 

Photo Collage


We don't even have to ask—we know your BFF is drop-dead gorgeous, and contrary to what TikTok might've taught you, you girls are proof there can be two pretty best friends. Photo collages are a *fab* way to showcase both her beauty and your friendship. Whip out those artsy-crafty skills and compile all your fave photos to create a cute and sentimental masterpiece that can hang on her wall or her Instagram feed.

What are you waiting for? Go give your besties a virtual hug right now!

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by Sophia Zhang | 2/3/2021