Best gifts to give your Aries best friend

Aries season is here and once again, your Aries BFFs are spending another birthday in the pandemic. Cheer them up with the most *eye-catching* gifts that fit their bold, fiery personality.

Natural healing crystal set

This set includes crystals: Citrine, Red Jasper, Clear Quartz, Kyanite, Amethyst and Green Aventurine that will help any Aries recharge their energy and bring peace during this time, Faivykyd, $27. 

Le Mini Macaron gel manicure set

Aries' signature color is red, and with this Le Maxi “Rouge & Moi” nail set, your friend will have a perfect, glossy gel manicure, Le Maxi, $65. 

CEO Female Boss Notebook

Aries are known to be productive and goal-driven. Nothing can stand in their way when it comes to embracing their creativity, so why not get them a notebook so they can write down their amazing and wacky ideas? CopperandBrassPaper, $10. 

Dear Ava Aries Deity Zodiac Gift Box Set

Self-care is an Aries no.1 priority, so getting two bath bombs, handmade soap and a candle will soothe your friend’s stress, BIG TIME. Dear Ava, $46.

Tilany Ceramy Coffee Mug

Spoil your friend with their constellation on a mug that includes a cute golden spoon and a fancy tea bag holder. Tilany, $23.

What will you be giving your Aries best friend this year? Let us know on social media @girlslifemag. 


Slider image: shopdoromania


by Chaela Williams | 3/21/2021