How to keep in touch with a friend who’s moving away

If you and your bestie are used to spending time together 24/7, it can be jarring to have her move away. Sure, you can FaceTime, text and visit every once in a while, but it's not the same as biking with her to Jamba Juice every afternoon for an after school smoothie or having weekly sleepovers and movie marathons. 

One super sweet way to stay in touch is with this *adorbs* DIY.
Here's our inspo:


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Basically, you and your bestie start a scrapbook that's filled with pictures of the two of you, detailed accounts of your favorite moments and mementos that can fit in a book! 

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Every month, one of you takes the scrapbook and fills it out regularly, with old memories of the two of you and even new adventures you're having on your own or with other friends. At the end of the month, mail it to the other person, and they repeat the cycle!

That way you catch each other up on what's going on in your life while still holding on to the good old days. Plus, who doesn't love getting a mysterious package in the mail?

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by Elina Graham | 5/26/2021