A shy girl's guide to making summer camp friends

Whether you're an only child, younger sibling or separated from your girls, starting a new summer camp can be really hard. It can be super overwhelming having to make new friends and participate in camp activities, but we're here to help. Try these tricks to help you go from a shy camper to a camp-confident pro.

Find a common interest

One easy way to break out of your shell is to find something in common with a camper. This may seem simple, but it can totally make it easier to talk when you're passionate about the topic. You can try asking what their fave Olivia Rodrigo song is, or if you see someone rocking a cool outfit give them a compliment. Who knows, you might've just complimented your new best friend. 

Bring an activity to share

Another way to spark a conversation is to bring your fave book or game and see if someone wants to join you. Sometimes having an object that you're comfortable sharing can help calm your nerves, and involve new friends in activities you already enjoy. Try bringing friendship bracelet or lanyard materials and invite other campers to join in. 

Try out camp activities

If it's too hard to initiate the conversation, try joining in on camp activities like group games or crafts. We know icebreakers can be *super* awkward, but give them a try and see how it goes. Many other kids feel just as shy as you, so you're def not alone. If playing games isn't your thing, maybe find a nice spot to read with other campers or join an art class. Camp is all about trying something new, so introduce yourself to everyone and don't be afraid to mix it up. 

Lean on your camp counselors for support

If you're totally lost or starting a conversation is too much, try telling your camp counselor how you're feeling. Your counselors have been there, and they can easily help guide you to feeling more included with other campers. If you see your fave counselor leading a game, jump in and lean on them for support if you need it.

We know that starting a new summer camp and making new friends can be scary. Just remember that you're not alone and other kids are probably feeling the same way.

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by Jasmine Robinson | 8/2/2021