Want to have the best summer ever on a budget? Here are 5 fun (and free!) activities to try with friends

Not showering in cash this summer but still wanna live it up with your BFFs? Don't fret! You can still have the best summer ever even on a budget. Read on to learn about five activities you can do this summer that are completely free. 

1. Watch the sunrise


One of the best ways to experience the true beauty of summer is by waking up early and watching the sunrise. And the best part—it costs $0 to do so! Head to the beach, a local park or even just your front yard. Anywhere you choose to watch—you and your besties are destined to make memories you will never forget.  

2. Have a photoshoot 


Summer is the perfect time to gather your friends and have a photoshoot. The best part is—you can have one almost anywhere! And when you're hanging with your BFFs all day—you are sure to have a blast. Not to mention your Insta will be looking absolutely fire. 

3. Have a picnic 


What better way to take in the warm summer weather then by having a picnic? Going on a picnic can be super affordable or even free—just grab a blanket and some food from your fridge and you're all set. They are also a great way to save money instead of going out to eat.

4. Have a slumber party


One of summer's greatest gifts is no school. With no school comes staying up late. So, why not have a slumber party? Slumber parties are super fun and one of the best ways to bond with friends. You can even host the best slumber party ever at no cost. Pull out some board games, queue up a few movies and get ready for a super fun night. 

5. Go on a hike


Hiking is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise—and it's even better with friends. It's an activity you can easily do for free, since all you need is a little bit of nature. If you wanna make hiking even more magical—hike at sunrise or sunset for a beautiful view to enjoy with your favorite people. 

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Slider image: @gianinasjourney | All GIFs via GIPHY


by Paige Mountain | 7/3/2021