6 signs you’re in a healthy friendship

We all know that friendships aren't immune to toxicity. And while it's essential to keep an eye out for red flags in any kind of relationship, whether platonic or romantic, it's equally as important to recognize all of the amazing things so that you can fully appreciate them. Feeling the love for your BFF? Read on for six green flags that you and your bestie are going strong. 

1. They're *genuinely* happy for you.

A good friend celebrates your accomplishments right alongside you! Instead of feeling jealous of what you achieve, they share in your happiness and encourage you to keep reaching for your goals. Positivity and support are two must-haves in any healthy friendship. 

2. You don't need to talk to each other 24/7.

Between texting, video messaging and social media, it's pretty easy to be plugged into what you friends are doing all. the. time. And while staying connected is a good thing, spending too much time keeping up with each other can damage healthy boundaries. If you and your bestie are able to still feel close without having a constant convo going, your friendship is pretty solid. 

3. They don't make you feel guilty. 

A friend who won't guilt-trip you when you're too tired to hang out is someone who cares about your health and wellbeing. By allowing you to do what works for *you*, your friend is showing you just how much they respect your choices. Whether you need a night to yourself or a night to hang out with your other friends, your true blue bestie will understand what you need and give you the time and space for it.

4. They actually listen to you.

If you're telling them about your day and they seem genuinely interested, that's a good sign! It means they care about your life outside of your friendship. This tip applies to conflict as well, because no friend is perfect. If you ask them to respect a boundary and they *actually* do, it's a hint that they cherish your friendship and your comfort zone. 

5. You are honest with each other.

No one wants to be friends with a liar. This one is self-explanatory, but if your bestie tells you the truth in any situation, they're a keeper (unless they're honest to the point of being cruel). From telling you about the spinach in your teeth to letting you know about hurtful rumors, verity is key.

6. You feel comfortable around them.

Comfort is vital for a thriving friendship. If you can tell them anything without fear of judgment, they're a true friend. Feeling at ease around your BFF is a good sign that you two trust each other to completely be yourselves. Here's to flourishing friendships!

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by Lena Genovese and Julieanne Larick | 9/10/2021