The ultimate gift guide for your friend who loves astrology

We all know someone who is *obsessed* with astrology. I mean—who doesn't love learning about everyone's big three? The best part about zodiac signs is that they are personal. Because of this, astrology themed items make super special and meaningful gifts. If you are stuck on what to get your astrology loving bestie for their birthday or any other special occasion—then keep on reading to find the cutest items they are sure to love. 

A sign necklace 

Amazon, $10

A zodiac sign necklace is the perfect gift for your bestie who wants to rep their sign everywhere they go. This one from Amazon comes with a short description about their sign—making it even more meaningful. Your BFF is sure to be serving looks in this necklace while also showcasing a bit of their personality. 

Astrology book

Amazon, $14

A book about astrology is a great gift for a friend who is always wanting to learn more. The Astrology of You and Me is the perfect book for any person who wants to dive deeper into their astrology but also the people around them. Not to mention the cover is super cute and would make a great addition to any bookshelf. 

Birthday candle

Birthdate Candles, $38

Candles are always a safe bet when it comes to gifts. However—these personalized birthday candles are a step above from your traditional candle. Not only do these candles come in amazing scents—but the scents are specially crafted for each particular birthdate. They also showcase tons of information about the unique traits of people born on this day. They are also ~very~ aesthetically pleasing and would fit perfectly in any room. 

Zodiac symbol journal 

Anthropologie, $9

These zodiac sign journals make the cutest gift for the astrology fan who is also an avid writer. They are the perfect way for them to show off their sign but also make for a super practical gift. They come in the cutest colors and are sure to bring a smile to the face of any journaling lover. 

Constellation blanket

Amazon, $27

This constellation blanket is probably one of the best gifts an astrology lover could receive. Not only does it display a ton of different constellations—but it glows in the dark! If your astrology obsessed friend is super into stars and constellations—then this blanket is a must have.

Ring set

Anthropologie, $20

If your bestie is more of a ring girl—then they need this set. These rings are perfect for everyday wear with delicate and dainty details. And, of course—your BFF will get to rock their sign everywhere they go. They are sure to make for a super special and super personal gift. 

Personalized star map

Starrymaps, $59

If you really want to excite an astrology lover—get them a personalized star map. Star maps make for the most memorable gifts since you can customize them to any date, time and location. There are so many ways you can go about getting a star map for your bestie. You can customize it with their birthday, the day you guys met or any other occasion that is meaningful to them. Whatever you choose—they are sure to be so grateful for this precious gift. 

Zodiac mug

Urban Outfitters, $12

This next one is for all the coffee and tea drinkers out there. You know this mug will go to good use if your bestie loves their hot drinks. They will be looking cool as can be as they sip from this mug, and everyone will be sure to know their sign. These mugs come in the prettiest earth tones and are sure to please any astrology fanatic. 

Eyeshadow palette 

Bh Cosmetics, $14

What better gift for someone that loves astrology and makeup than a zodiac-themed eyeshadow palette? Each sign is represented with two shades—making it super fun and unique. The palette features a wide variety of colors allowing for so many different looks. Your BFF can even create their own personal look by using their big three shades. 


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by Paige Mountain | 9/27/2021